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By proceeding, I certify my understanding of and complete agreements to the following terms:

"The Association" shall mean the Cambridge University Conservative Association and its Officers and any other persons whom the former consent to assisting them in the conduct of any event, service, meeting, or other situation to which these Terms and Conditions are applied.

The Association will endeavour with reasonable effort to deliver these services. The Association does not accept any liability whether directly or indirectly related to the performance of these services.

The Association reserves the right to break this contract at any time, with the proviso that no right to a refund shall exist except where required by law or otherwise stated at point of sale. Even so, the Association will as a matter of policy examine the provision of a refund ex-gratia where circumstances permit. The nature of this internal deliberation, the provision of an ex-gratia refund, and the amount of any ex-gratia refund shall remain at the absolute discretion of the Association's Committee.

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