About CUCA


The so-called 'Cambridge Mafia' in 1962.

Founded in 1921, the Cambridge University Conservative Association remains one of the largest and most active political societies in the University. The Association provides many opportunities to engage in some of the excellent debate and political activity we maintain at Cambridge. 

Twenty-two former chairmen have been elected to Parliament since Lent 1950, including eight in a row from Michaelmas 1959 to Lent 1962, many of whom served in the cabinets of Thatcher and Major. These include Kenneth Clarke (Home Secretary 1992-93, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1993-97, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice 2010-12), Douglas Hurd (Home Secretary 1985-89, Foreign Secretary 1989-95), and Norman Lamont (Chancellor of the Exchequer 1990-93).

Discussion and Debate

Society events provide wide-ranging opportunities to hear from the leading lights of Conservative politics and journalism while getting to know like-minded students. These events most often take the form of discussions, rather than lectures, giving everyone the chance to air their views and ask questions. Speaker meetings are always free and open to all members of the University. Our recent guests have included Jacob Rees-Mogg, Douglas Murray, Ann Widdecombe, Michael Gove and David Cameron.


Good Friends


Alongside our political activities, the Association provides a calendar of popular social events throughout the year. With pub crawls, our much-loved Port and Policy, (an event that is not to be taken too seriously), and a whole host of other exciting events, CUCA members find many opportunities to relax and socialise.