The Running of CUCA

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CUCA is governed by its Constitution.

The Constitution came into force in its present form on 24th April 2016. It restructures the Committee and stipulates new, clear rules for elections. The 9th November amendments also introduced a new document, Election Rules and Regulations, which articulates acceptable conduct and its policing by the Returning Officers in elections.

Membership of CUCA is open to individuals who are members of Cambridge University.

The nominations form for elections to the Committee is here.

The Presidency of CUCA is an honorary position, filled by the eminent Historian, journalist and writer, Andrew Roberts.

The Senior Officer of the Association is the Senior Treasurer who must be a resident Senior member of the University. This position is currently held by Dr John Casey (Caius). He is responsible for signing-off the Association’s accounts and supervising the termly elections.

The day-to-day running of the Association is conducted by its Committee, led by the Chair. The Committee is made up of the following officerships:

Vice Chairman
Junior Treasurer
Campaigns Officer
Speakers & Externals Officer
Communications & Publicity Officer
Social Events Officer

A maximum of 4 co-opted members at the Chairman’s discretion, who are given the chance to experience committee proceedings before deciding to stand for an officership.