Coningsby Club |  Former Chairmen

CUCA is the largest and one of the oldest political societies in the University and when you sign up for life membership, it really is for life. Alumni and Alumnae of the Association are always welcome to all our events. Many have gone on into the world of politics, such as Michael Howard, Michael Portillo and Douglas Hurd. However, we are always keen to foster closer relationships with our members in the wider world. The Association would like to organise an Alumni Dinner (if sufficient interest is expressed), so please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman at to express your provisional interest!

Moreover, it is always wonderful to hear of CUCA’s exploits in previous years. Should you be willing to share your experiences we will be happy to include any material you can offer into the Association’s Archive in the depths of the University Library. The history of the association is one of its key strengths and something from which we can all draw interest and learn from.

Thus, do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to be kept up to date with the work of the Association, and we can add you to the Alumni Database. Or come to any of our events and say hello.