CUCA prides itself on putting on a wide range of speaker, policy and social events. Both members and non-members are welcome to attend these – indeed, we encourage our members to bring others along, so that they may see what CUCA is really like.

Our Speakers Events are geared at cultivating our understanding of conservatism through exposure to the widest range of political opinions within the Right. Our past termcards has sought to reflect this philosophy, allowing us to engage with some of the more controversial characters on the political scene. An invitation for a speaker has always been not so much a matter of us agreeing or disagreeing with their views, but more a matter of how and why we agree or disagree with them. Our members have continually benefited from this, and we endeavour to keep up the Association’s work in this regard.

Our Policy Discussion Events are conducted on similar lines, encouraging our members to engage with each others’ often different views. Conservatism is lucky in that it is not a unified philosophy – quite the contrary: the differences within it are probably wider than those between any other two mainstream political ideologies. But it is precisely this which we seek to tap into, in the process enabling us to gain that deeper understanding from mutual discussion. Topics are picked by our own members, and we often invite prominent thinkers and think-tank leaders to visit and add value to our debates.

Our Social Events remain as important to us as ever – they offer further opportunity for us to converse and socialise. It is at such events that true bonds of friendship are made, and we continuously welcome non-members to join in the fun. Our termly Chairman’s Dinner, held in the last week of each term, is quite possibly the highlight of the CUCA social calendar. But we also continue to have our renowned Port & Cheese, Cake and Cava and summer punting events. The first few weeks of Michaelmas Term remain the busiest, and we put on many events geared at Freshers to enjoy.

Live updates and the latest information can be found on our Facebook group, our Facebook page or, alternatively, follow us on Twitter: @CUCA_Tweets.