The Future of the Conservative Party

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For this term’s speakers and policy programme we chose the theme ‘The Future of the Conservative Party’ as a means of weaving together the topics discussed into a wider narrative about how the Conservatives can win a parliamentary majority. To reinforce this theme our members and alumni contributed articles to a CUCA policy report entitled ‘The Future of the Conservative Party’.

We have received contributions from notable and prestigious figures such as Peter Lilley MP, Lord Blackwell, and Lord Flight. But the majority of the policy report was written by student members of CUCA. This collection of articles is not intended to be a definitive solution to the problems facing the Conservative Party nor an in-depth analysis of the policy issues dominating today’s political discourse. Instead they represent an attempt by ordinary party members to look at certain high-profile debates which are taking place within the Conservative Party and to provide some thoughts on the future direction of the Conservative Party.

The unifying idea in this collection of articles is not a new one. It’s an idea which has been fundamental to Conservative thinking for much of the past century; the Conservatives as the ‘party of aspiration’. I strongly encourage you to read this interesting collection of articles, which will hopefully encourage Conservatives in Cambridge to think more about what the Conservative Party should believe in and how to best act these beliefs in order to once more dominate British politics.

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